TUHEDA visit to Tumbi hospital, Tanzania

It is our goal to collaboratively facilitate sustainable initiatives in order to improve our community's health and wellbeing. TUHEDA-Tumbi Project (TUTU Project)Medical Simulation Training Emergency and acute medicine development Medical and Nursing staff Exchange programmeMedical Simulation training in collaboration with DASH Northumbria This fla...
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Community Initiative on Crime Prevention

​On 16th November 2019 at Hedgecock centre, Barking ,London TUHEDA and East African Education Foundation invite everyone to attend this important seminar. Knife crime, drugs addiction and antisocial behaviors affect the whole community. It makes more sense to talk about and tackle the problems as a community. We have experts who will discuss s...
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TUHEDA-Tumbi Project (TUTU Project)

 Exciting times are here.We are in the final preparation to st up our Simulation hub project at Tumbi  Referral Hospital in Kibaha , Tanzania. We have been working on this for this flagship project for TUHEDA for a little while now. The aim is to have Tumbi hospital to establish  a medical Simulation and Assessment hub wher...
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The Medical Simulation project

​TUHEDA have secured a High Fidelity medical training manikin which will be used to help train healthcare staff of all grades in patient safety, team work, basic procedures etc. Thank you to DASH Northumbria for their kind donation. The manikin will help improve skills and train new ones. You can make mistakes and correct them withou...
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Skills to share and inspire

​Our collective wealth of experience in different medical and non-medical fields is our strength.We look forward to working with individuals and other organisations that shares our passion for health and well-being for all
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Why collaborate with us

​The Diaspora offer the best of both sideWe bridge the cultural divide the two sides. We believe that one of the key aspect of any partnership is cultural understanding of your partner.We bring experience and build a bridge between our communities.We have abundance  of experience. TUHEDA have clinicians, researchers, specialist nurses, en...
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