Lets talk about Diabetes. Kisukari

Screenshot_20210116_232226 Watch your sugar

Lets talk about the other diseases that kill our people. Not just COVID-19 

We received a grant from The National Lottery community Fund to promote community health. HEALTH IS WEALTH. We believe a healthy community is a productive community. Much happier. Diabetes is one of the big noncommunicable diseases that needed people to be aware of, because without awareness the consequences a huge.

Discussion in a language that the community can understand easily.


KISUKARI na Wewe - YouTube

TUHEDATalks presents Dr Mlawa on Diabetes. An awareness talk on diseases that affect many people in our community. In order to reach more audience the talk i...
No Physical Health without Mental health. IN SWAHI...
Our First Swahili education talk on COVID-19


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Thursday, 30 March 2023

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