There will be Life after COVID-19

Tone Be mindful of your droplets

Not another COVID-19 talk!!!

This coronavirus  pandemic will change or reset our way of life for good. Despite all the negative impact that is still ongoing we can pull out some positive outlook and hopefully a better future.

Here are a few things that came with COVID-19.

  • Humility - we got things wrong because we did not pay attention to our neighbours noises. I hope we have learned the lesson
  • Family values - for once we spend more time with our loved ones
  • Climate - we can breath cleaner air. This mean if we put our minds into it, we can safe our planet
  • Sharing and caring - We became community again; looking  after the vulnerable one and at the same appreciating what others do for us. We will learn to treat each other well
  • Adaptability . we have learned to do things in a new and different way
  • Healthy living - people have been exercising during the lock down
  • Learning new skills
  • Innovation - new ways of doing things
Together with all these, we will have to think about the challenges that will be left by the pandemic

Mental health problems, waste disposal, lost jobs and economy and our resilience​. We will have to think about how we can live in sustainable environment.  A sustainable ecosystem.

COVID-19 has hit many countries . The impact is at different levels depending on existing healthcare system. Some measure s worked well for some and not for others. There is never a one size fits all.


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Thursday, 30 March 2023

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