Coming to Tumbi Referral Hospital

 Exciting times are here.

We are in the final preparation to st up our Simulation hub project at Tumbi  Referral Hospital in Kibaha , Tanzania. We have been working on this for this flagship project for TUHEDA for a little while now. The aim is to have Tumbi hospital to establish  a medical Simulation and Assessment hub where healthcare staff of all cadres can develop their skills, learn about patients safety and team building. 

The aim is to have all staff to train as a team and grow together for the benefit of the team and whole community around. 

The Sim Man , (Msafiri )is already at Tumbi and handover and training and demonstration is underway. 

We are hoping to have the handover of Msafiri (The Sim Man) on 26th November 2019. 

Great collaboration with DASH Northumbria . The DASH team will be joining us .If you are in Tanzania, please join us to share the historical day with us.

                                                            'Together we can achieve More'