TUHEDA visit to Tumbi hospital, Tanzania

Handover Skills to share and inspire
From left: Nasibu , Erica, Nicky, John and Gideon

It is our goal to collaboratively facilitate sustainable initiatives in order to improve our community's health and wellbeing.

TUHEDA-Tumbi Project (TUTU Project)

  • Medical Simulation Training
  • Emergency and acute medicine development
  • Medical and Nursing staff Exchange programme

Medical Simulation training in collaboration with DASH Northumbria

This flagship initiative is made possible by the generosity of Dinwoodie Assessment and Simulation Hub. DASH donated their Sim man classic to TUHEDA and helped us to train local trainers at Tumbi Hospital in Tanzania who will train others on the use of simulation in medical training, patient safety and team building and human factors. This will be a long-term initiative and we aim to make Tumbi hospital a template for medical training through simulation in Tanzania.

Visit to Tumbi Hospital: 25th -28th November 2019

Dr Gideon Mlawa (TUHEDA Treasurer)

Dr Nasibu Mwande (TUHEDA Vice-Chairman)

R/N Nichola Jenkins (DASH)

Mr John Stratford (DASH)

Aim: To Develop a medical simulation hub for patient safety and skills training

On 25th November: Team visit to tumbi hospital to set up the Sim man (Msafiri) and meeting the Tumbi staff and representatives from foreign affairs office.

We had a chance to see the facility and some of the staff. We have seen the first hand the challenges faced by our healthcare colleagues and patients.

We visited ED and paediatrics, surgical and labour wards. Also, we have seen the outpatient departments and the new ED under construction.

We went to see the skills lab where the Sim man, Msafiri will be stationed.Nicky and John assembled the Sim man, and demonstrated it's working to the attending guests from foreign affairs office. The diaspora desk's Ambassador Anisa Mbega and Ministry of Foreign affairs representative, Ms Tagie Mwakawago helped the preparation of the handover day.

Following the demonstration, The DASH team started training the local staff on the use of the mannikin. There was five identified local staff to be trained as early adopters who will train the others. These group includes both nurses and doctors. They were trained on how to work the mannikin, writing scenarios and maintaining the system. They will continue to have an ongoing support from TUHEDA and DASH which will be remotely plus planned visits.

In addition, Dr Mwande and Dr Mlawa provided training in Basic Life Support and diabetic emergencies to a very engaged group of medical staff from Casualty, medical, outpatient departments and third year Clinical officers.

The staff at Tumbi hospital were grateful for our visit and decision to make their hospital our base and collaboration partner. Everyone was really engaged and keen to learn and develop.

We have seen first-hand the amazing things they achieve with such limited resources. We had a chance to visit Casualty, Outpatient, Paediatrics and labour wards.

What we noted during the visit.

  • Staff want to learn and develop and do well
  • Friendly environment
  • Willingness to work with others to improve services

Problems noted by staff

  • Lack of basic equipment (defibrillator, ecg machine, blood sugar testing kit, nebuliser, cardiac monitors etc)
  • Basic Life Support training is not mandatory to all staff

We are happy to report that we recommended the hospital to introduce in-house BLS training and the hospital have agreed, and they are working on implementing this important training.

This is the beginning of a great collaboration between TUHEDA and Tumbi Referral Hospital in Kibaha.

We are grateful to DASH Northumbria, Nicky Jenkins and John Stratford for their support. Without them, the Sim man project would have not been possible. Thank you

Left to Right: Dr Mwande (TUHEDA), Dr Mrema (Paeds at TUMBI), Nicky Jenkins (DASH) and Dr Mlawa (TUHEDA)


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Guest - Pamela Allard on Friday, 24 January 2020 18:06

Great work, Team!

Great work, Team!
Thursday, 30 March 2023

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